Seeking Order

Neither art-making nor quilting, my two main endeavors these days, are orderly processes for me.  (I AM orderly in the kitchen…learned behavior after over a decade in a restaurant kitchen…but in other work, my work-space becomes something of a disaster area.  I’ve come to believe that if it isn’t a mess, nothing good will come of it…)  Usually in the studio or the sewing room it doesn’t matter–I don’t even notice and nobody else sees it.  WHEELCHAIR sewing in a formerly “public” room though…ugh.

Today started early and cold…


but I’m trying to finish a baby quilt before the baby comes so…


and, really, twenty minutes in… a mess was building…

cloth chaos rabbit cloth

but the beauty of quilting IS the creation of order out of chaos (along with creative reuse…)

ib1 ib2ib3

and now at the end of the day…Voila…a little quilt top and order returned!


Tidy 1




  1. As a child in 1940, I can remember my mother taking me to quilting bees either up Burke Canyon, to Gorge Gulch, Pig Pen, or The Power House. Being the rascal I have never stopped being, I made a ruination of some of the remnants lying around. I was forgiven, though, because I was so damned cute! Have you thought of posting a history of the quilting bee, which most people don’t know has nothing to do with bees?

  2. bonnie, we both admire your admitting to working from chaos to creation. picasso insisted on the accidents that occurred in his art due to the chaos & layered accumulations of his surroundings. your new quilt is another knockout. it says original & baby all over it. can hardly wait to see what your hand stitches will add. s & d

  3. Okay…it was literary license…Well I sewed all the squares and had the sashing all cut, but then Sharon came to play ukulele so really it didn’t get put together til the next morning…all of the material in the squares was left-overs from other projects…the sashing survived hurricane Irene in Wilmington, VT., and was bought by me with much delight when I was visiting Ellen and Larry. Tomorow I’ll put it together and quiult in lots of X’s and O’s for this new baby….

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