Hey readers…here’s a recent perfect Valentine’s coffee…wish I was sitting across from you sipping the beautiful brew…(I raise my cup)…

heart coffee

…but instead I’m doing stuff like this:  using Borax and a “color remover thingie” (Mary’s technical term) to get out the red bleed on the recovery quilt, registering my lost baby quilt (thanks to Bill Volkening…) on a lost quilt website , and picking up a few things from the framer…

three pieces

the house (“House on the Edge of Time”) and the fish (“Settler’s Child”) are going down to Mary Lou Zeek Gallery while “Tron” is ready for an April show at the Corvallis Art Center.  Oh…and then there are the songs for my honey I’m practicing on the uke (shhhh)…on we go…Happy Valentine’s Day!


pigeon 1pigeon 2pigeon 3


  1. Can you put a little red SOLD sticker on “House. . . ” I’ve been waiting for just the perfect Hull to buy, and I think this is it. I’ll wait as long as you and Mary Lou like, but don’t let anyone else buy it[ pleeease. I love the other paintings too, Horrible about that sweet quilt. E.

  2. Lifting my cup right back to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Am off to Seattle for European Masters – opening today at SAM – then on to War Horse at the Paramount this afternoon. It opened yesterday. Can barely wait to see those big horse puppets!

  3. Happy Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s hoping the red-removal treatment works. It sounds very much like something my Mother did…she could fix, alter, repurpose, redeem anything. A site for stolen quilts? Good!. Your perfect timeless house painting reminds me of Roger’s little yellow cardboard house that he sited in a lecture on, I think, Charles Heaney.

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