Saturday Catch-up…

Wow… a busy three days have zoomed by over here in the far west.  In chronological order (I’m influenced by an art historian here…) it looked like this…celebrate Jim’s birthday (and it was a major one…)


have breakfast with artists…good talk, good breakfast…


go get LAST (5th) cast removed, into “the boot”, and actually SEE my leg again…(hello leg)…YAY!!!

red castbootleg

drawing night…


Take art work to River Gallery…

under china sea

Lifeon 28th Avecoffee

attend member’s appreciation night where I sat sewing in the Print study room…

print room

surrounded by William Spafford prints, which began to look like quilts??


and I got to see three terrific drawings temporarily on view (better go take a look)

Henry Moore:

Henry Moore





followed by a quiet dinner at La Capitale, (where they are currently featuring a TERRIFIC caesar salad with chicken)


My only plan for today…??



  1. Which came first? The prints or the quilts? Yeh for the uncasted leg.! Your art- inspiring.

    Sent from Mary Keasler’s iPhone

  2. great to be rid of that cast, eh!!  hope the progress goes more quickly now.  xo

    Sent from Mary Keasler’s iPhone

  3. Yay! for the final cast removal. High hopes for healing faster from now on! Very nice 3 zoomed-days past.

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