13 Hats at 12 X 16

It was a beautiful day for looking at art today (…and what day WOULDN”T be a beautiful day for looking at art???) so we jumped into the car and headed to the artist’s reception at 12 x 16 Gallery.  The show there this month is by a collaborative group called “13 Hats”(…but really there are only 11 of them?)  The group is comprised of writers and artists who in 2010 embarked on trying to collaborate.  The show is fascinating, convoluted and best seen with a little descriptive help…here is painter Bob Schlegel telling R a thing or two about the collaboration from his view…

R & B

The bulk of the show resulted from the 2011 project wherein each person chose a box, and the others then included something to go in that box…


game box


milk crate

milk bottle

plus there was independent work by many of the artists including audio, video projections on the wall…

video 1IMG_6356

big “drawings” by Robert Tilmonson


who is shown here explaining the concept to artist Eunice Parsons…

BT & Eunice

…then we went next door to Mark Humpal’s gallery (Mark Humpal Fine Art) and saw this lovely little painting of Eunice’s from 1948…

Eunice, 1948

By now you can probably guess what we needed…

coffee sunday

and then it was time to head home.  We decided AGAINST the freeway and just sort of took off through the countryside…



grangegrain thing

…having no CLEAR idea of where we wre, it was kind of nice to eventually see a landmark…

sunday St Paul

and on home…



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