Happy Birthday Harry!

We started Sunday at the beach…

Beach house rhoadie

but quickly jumped in the car, and headed home to get ready for Harry’s 84th birthday party.  LUCKILY I can sew in the car (…and no, I wasn’t driving…) I’m still working on the spring quilt…trying to finish before summer gets here!

Q 1Q 2

The sky was so beautiful today….

sky 1sky 2sky 3

sky 4skysky 6

We arrived home and I rushed off to a uke jam, while R fixed asparagus to take up to Harry’s party (oh…and we got rear-ended on the way home…)…we then jumped back into the only-slightly-damaged car with our offering in the “catering wrap” (hi Randy…)

catering wrap

and headed north.  After hugging and eating there was singing to the birthday guy…

bierthday guy

and a tour of the new studio finds…Mardy recently found some crates in the garage that she thought were empty, but in fact they were full of these lovely wood sculptures Harry made in the 1970’s…

studio 1

s 1s 2s3

Harry is deeply into Alzheimer’s now, but the reassuring thing to me is that although he can’t remember us (though he doesn’t mind a hug), he is STILL making and arranging things…things he finds around or outside…and these are poignant and beautiful.Alzheimer's 1

Alzheimer's 2

The studio remains full of energy and life, Harry’s life.

studio 2


…and here’s an idea I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to use…Thanks Harry, and Happy Happy Birthday.  XXOO



  1. Ah, thank you Bonnie. What a testament to a creative life! …and a devoted spouse. Good week to you, xoxonance

  2. the paint can opener & scissor pieces are brilliant. we are grateful to get to see some of harry widman’s work & his wonderful studio all thanks to “on the way”.

  3. Hi, Bonnie. I can hardly wait to see your spring quilt. And what an inspiring post. No pity, just joy. Perfect. Also loved the previous post and was delighted to get a peek into Claudia Cave’s studio, a high school pal. You always make me miss Salem and the Pacific NW. Was it just a year ago I was there?
    best, nadia

  4. Beautiful post, Bonnie, all the way through. Thank you for the lovely range of subjects and for the special celebration of Harry and his art. Mardy is truly to be celebrated for her sustaining care, making Harry’s ongoing creative life, possible.

  5. Mardy Widman really understands that we are in this life every minute, until we aren’t. She is making Harry’s life graceful and fun and interesting for him, and for the rest of us.

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