Mid-Transformation News

Well things are evolving over here…always a little more slowly than one imagines…but evolving nonetheless…

bathroom 1bathroom 2


bathroom 3bathroom 4

fanshower valve

floor up and shower

Scott was here to do some wood stuff


Vince came today to get the shower floor ready for tile…


shower floor

the big question now is paint color…???


MEANWHILE…outside we’re getting a new deck surface as the old deck was in tough shape…

old deck

FIRST though, Ron dismantled the wonderful wheel chair ramp he built for me last fall…


and removed the lattice to slide it under the deck…

deck:latticehalf deck with ramp stowed

it rained all day today, but the deck is nearly done…

new deck

this time around we chose to go with man-made material…in this case the color is about the same…just no holes to fall through!

And while it was sunny and beautiful yesterday I was doing a little garden work, finally sitting and noticing how beautiful the garden is this time of year!

garden 1


herb garden



  1. Just love your blog…Those views of your garden..make me want to get ourselves to Oregon fast!
    Looks like July this year, though.

  2. You are going to love the ease of the new deck material! Hurrah for the ramp going into storage!!!

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