1000!!!! Love Letter…

This is the 1000th (!!!) post I’ve made on this blog since I began in 2007…phew.  That’s a lot of images and a lot of comments and a lot of fun for me.

But I think I’ll use this 1000th post for a love letter to R for at least 1000 reasons, and here are a few:

coffeecoffee 2coffee 3coffee 4coffee 5coffee 6coffee 7coffee 8coffee 9



  1. I’m certain R rates a bizillion love letters!! nance…and thank you for the heartwarming and ever delightful-informative blogs.

  2. 1000 such generous, beautiful,thoughtful gifts to your recipients. Always a bright spot on the day I get to open another one. Love letters to you, too, for a 1001 reasons.

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