Sewing Circle…

ANOTHER interesting time at Project Space this year, watching work unfold, working steadily myself, exchanging ideas.  My own work is winding down and I’m finishing my “set” of squares, framing them up, getting ready for the “opening” of our one week show.  If you are downtown on first Wednesday (August 7th) 5-8 p.m., come by 365 Ferry Street and see what everybody has been up to…August 7th…mark the date!  Me, Elizabeth Bauman, Ann Kresge, Marilyn Krug, Marie Sakai, Eric Tautkus, Deanna White, Rollie Wisbrock…Elizabeth and I set up our “sewing circle” daily…and worked away in the age-old way…sewing, exchanging thoughts and ideas…with Alex joining in…

sewing circle


This set of work I’m calling “Out of Necessity” and began last year when Irene M gave me an old quilt, beyond repair.  I washed it, salvaged what I could, cut it into squares and Kelly helped me dye it with onion skins and black walnut and cochineal.

dye bath 2

I then sat looking at the worn, limp squares trying to think what I might do to give them one more lifetime…and I began to give them another layer of quilting…fanciful, simple, sometimes narrative.  Made by a woman for warmth, for a decorative cover…not a fancy quilt.  A “nine patch” as I’ve learned to call it.  And then, here sit I a century or so later, an artist, making something else out of necessity…one set using the rose theme…a hold over from 2010…

double strand 2single purple arch 2PS rose branch 4twist 2final rose spiralPS rose branch 1PS rose branch 2PS rosePS rose branch 5

and then some relating to thoughts and persons…

PS gridPS DanPS dotPS applique dotsPS x box red circles 2PS squigglestree tops 2PS red circles

and last but not least…

Alex 2

See you the 7th!


  1. I love this lovely “necessity” quilt that you have built upon another woman’s work. Beautiful. Hope to see you on the 7th.

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