Catching Up…

Summer.  Got to try to live in the moment, so the narrative suffers.  Here’s a digested version of what’s been happening in the far west:

The beach.  A week.  So hot in the valley most all the beach views are misty and cool…


and the sunsets were, well, muted, let’s just say…


There was outside work…

outside workR reading

and inside work…

hydrange drawingsquilt top

good food…

beach lunch

glazed halibutgrilled pizza and salmon burgers

and then it was time to head home, WHERE, bathroom number 2 is taking shape…

bathroom 1bathroom 2bathroom 3

Project Space exhibit up for the opening tomorrow…

PS gridPS table

the mail brought word from friends…


the peegee is in full bloom…


and the deck looked pretty tonight….


summer is heaven, I have to say…



  1. This posting: a summer joy! I like Roger’s approach to ‘outside work’. I’m living summer vicariously through your posts. Otherwise, I’m in my studio not experiencing the summer, except to walk up & down the hill to the barn.

  2. Dear Bonnie…went to Project Space before it really opened this evening. I think your work is elegant and intimate and reminds me of that beautiful quote by an anonymous woman of early American who said,”I make my quilts to keep my children from freezing, and my heart from breaking.” Making and doing are acts of hope.

    your fan, xoxnancy

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