Summer at the Hallie Ford Museum…

We went to the museum this morning to see the new show of Jacob Lawrence’s illustrations of Aesop’s Fables which opened August 3rd and runs through October 27th.


The drawings were done in the late 1960’s for a book of the fables, the originals now part of the Paul G. Allen Family Collection.  They are quite wonderful ink drawings with evidence of Lawrence’s hand and work procedure evident in the pencil lines and erasures still visible.  Each drawing is accompanied by a label with the fable and, even better, the MORAL being illustrated (for instance the one above “The Council of Mice” carries this “moral”:  “Easier said than done”)

Photographs are strictly forbidden, but I snuck just one to entice you down to take a look at these beauties…


“The Ass and the Grasshoppers”…Moral: “It is impossible to become what one is not.”

Go straight to the print study room and look for my other favorite “The Tortoise and the Hare”…remembering this well known moral:  “Slow and steady wins the race”…you won’t be sorry!

The big fall show isn’t up yet…(it opens August 31st and runs until December 22nd)


but work was underway…


BUT…It seemed like a summer festival upstairs for me…there’s a lively Max Ernst painting of 1951 “Dancers Under the Starry Sky” on temporary loan…

Max Ernst

Claes Oldenburg’s “Wedding Souvenir” of 1966 gets us in a festive wedding mood…


Oregon’s own Andrew Vincent reminds us of the bounty of where we live with “Bowl of Apples” from 1940…


and the current Hudson River School painting on loan from the Michel and Victoria Hersen Collection, a James Renwick Brevoort painting of 1868 called “Sunset”…looks familiar…better go take a look this week…it’s cool and “cool” in there…



  1. you are such a naughty girl….sneaking a shot. but i am sure glad you did, it is wonderful. can’t wit to see the show.
    the last few years i have been short of trips to town, and exposing myself to art, but this morning i went to see Richard Stefani’s show, “Celilo Falls 1956….echo of falling water.” well worth the trip. a very sensitive offering, for one of the greatest of Oregon tragedies.

  2. I thought Craig Lesley’s description of Celilo Falls going silent one of the most moving passages in local, or any, literature…I heard him read it years ago at a library conference and could not help the tears from falling down…just the immense grief of what our culture does…

  3. Perfect! Every selection. Thanks for the wonderful sneak peak of J. L’s ‘Fables’ drawings. (is the moral “the end justifies the means?) I share your reaction to the account of the demise of Celio Falls.

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