Cary Doucette: “Foamforms” at 12×16

We zoomed into Sellwood to catch Cary Doucette’s show at 12X16 the other day, and I LOVE this new work.

Cary 5

Cary often works with recycled or cast off materials…always to good effect.  His inspiration for this work was the foam sculpture made by John Chamberlain in the 1960’s, much larger in scale.

BW ChamberlainChamberlain book

With little critical acclaim, Chamberlain abandoned this work and returned to the metal sculpture he is famous for…but these pieces have a rough immediacy that is beguiling.

To my eye Cary’s pieces are more intricate, more interesting, and the small scale is better…for me…

Cary 1

Cary 3

Cary’s gallery statement says he is also interested in the Japanese shibori knots…which I know a little about from shibori hand-dyeing of fabric…

Cary shibori

Cary 4

(…and I wasn’t the only one photographing….!)

Cary:R's hand

Cary 2

Scanned Image 132230000

Better go take a look.  12X16 Gallery: 8235 SE 13th Ave. #5, open Thursday through Sunday 11-5, until September 1st.


  1. How cool….who would think..foam.. Bonnie, I sent you a response to your question and it did not go through. Would you clarify the email address I should use..Thank you!

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