Spaghetti With Garlic and Oil

This isn’t a cooking blog, but I really like to complete a thought.

In 1996 Anna Thomas wrote an new updated version of the Vegetarian Epicure called “The New Vegetarian Epicure”…(sadly without any Julie Maas drawings…)

Thomas 2-1

in which she changed the emphasis of the early books on cheese and cream.  These recipes ore delicious, fresh, complex.  She gets at the essence of good Italian cooking… fresh ingredients prepared without fuss.  One of our favorites is “Spaghetti With Garlic and Oil”…no goopy sauces which ruin so much American/Italian cooking…just simple and totally delicious.

1 lb spaghetti

9-10 cloves garlic (don’t skimp)

3-4 Tbs. good green olive oil

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

3/4 c. coarsely chopped flat leaf parsley

lots of freshly grated parmesan (we use Romano)

Thomas 2-2

1.  Cook spaghetti in big pot of water until al dente (8 minutes with the spaghetti I used).

2.  While spaghetti is cooking peel and chop the garlic.

3.  Heat olive oil and cook garlic over low flame stirring constantly, just until it turns golden (DO NOT let it brown).   Remove pan from heat, add red pepper flakes and parlsey and set aside.

4.  When spaghetti is cooked but firm, drain and add to pan with garlic and heat over medium flame, tossing until well mixed.

5.  Serve with grated Romano

HINT:  This is FAB with the left over zucchini quiche served room temperature.

Thomas 2-3

Summer Reading tip:  Jonathan loaned R a terrific book I’ve been enjoying…”Lists: To-Dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and other Artists’ Enumerations”…from the Smithsonian’s Archive of American Art…edited by Liza Kirwin.  It includes Picasso’s list sent to Walt Kuhn of who should be included in the very important Armory Show of 1913…he didn’t include Bracque!  (But Kuhn did, thankfully…)



  1. if you keep this up, i won’t have to think about….”what’s for dinner?”, anymore.
    and thank you for the book tip. sounds facinating.

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