Yesterday Scott packed up and left…after almost the whole summer at our house (yep..we’ll miss him, his chirpy “Good morning”‘s and his texts to announce imminent arrival at hours like 7:30 a.m…eek).  Bathroom number two upstairs is complete…  Yay!

Scott says goodbye

To review, as R would say, the first part of the summer produced bathroom #1:


which we love.  The small bathroom upstairs was to have the same tile, the same color (Roman White…Sherwin Williams), and began with the removal of the nasty old fiberglass shower, and then Vince back to build the “pan” or the shower floor…

bathroom old showerthe pan

and after some hot and tortuous days (each time a tile was cut he had to go down the stairs and down the front steps and then back up), the shower was complete, and beautiful…

bathroom finished shower floor

bathroom new shower

bathroom sink and toilet beforebathroom sink and toilet after

bathroom doors beforebathroom doors after

and we added a solartube for a bit of light…

end 1end 2

the room is so small you can’t really photograph it…you know?


it’s good though…we’re happy!  Thanks Scott!! (Scott Smith, Cascade Peaks Construction)


  1. Thank You! you two are seriously a delight to be around, and very patient. I am grateful for the time spent with you during the summer of 2013…

  2. Nice! And just a note: I have the same toilet as in the second bath. It should have come with plastic caps to cover the holes in the sides where the bolts are…in case you care about that.
    (I spent over a year looking for a toilet that didn’t have it’s “guts” showing and that I could afford, so I’m a little obsessed, I admit)

    1. SORT of a sky light, but closed at room end…a tube lined with reflective so you get the maximum light with only a 14″ opening…just fit in the small shower. Also doesn’t have to just go straight up but can bed…a necessity with our convoluted roof structure.

  3. Beautiful job. Newly finished baths seem perfect for fall beginnings…new crayons, new school shoes, new crispness to the air, new glorious light…

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