The Mural Comes Back to Life!

Back in July I wrote about the James Mattingly mural on the rear of the Elsinore Theater, and the efforts of a group of dedicated citizens trying to refurbish it…and, miracle of miracles, the money was raised!  So this week…


the work begins…

mural R view

as muralist Dan Cohen (just guessing as to which is which…)

cellphone moment Dan Cohen

and his assistant…

pressure wash

begin to pressure wash the mural as they prepare to repaint it.

A 50 foot piece of sheet metal was installed to sheath the conduit which had been applied over the original mural…so that repainting can take place…


and some of us are hoping the door can be painted too…

conduit cover

in any case it should make for a lively two weeks of sidewalk supervising for Salemites…better get down there!!

scaffold 1

(…and don’t forget the fall film festival at the Elsinore which will include a THEDA BARA film…synchronicity in all things!!)


  1. Great photos as usual. But Theda’s leaf-lace veil is particularly wonderful! Do like your idea of the door being painted…even a solid medium-to-dark tone would be such an improvement.

  2. Hi, Bonnie. Glad to see this project is finally taking off. And congratulations on your “new” bathrooms–they look great. Haven’t seen to many blogposts with stitching(?)…Your beautiful photos of Oregon always make me a bit nostalgic.
    best, nadia

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