Checking In-Checking Out

Busy week here with the usual wide variety of things to think about.  We headed to White Salmon Wednesday for a night in the Mt. Hood room and a George Domijan dinner…plus a huckleberry G&T…

WS MountainWS huckleberry G&TWS R oon deck

Then all four of us took off for Madras for my opening.  We ran into an amazing storm combination…thunder, rain and dust all at once…beautiful…(made me think of Sue-Del McCulloch’s gorgeous sky paintings)

Sunday 1 storm

then on to the opening.  It was tremendous fun to see both my quilts…

Sunday quilt 1Sunday qui8lt 2Sunday quilt 3

and my drawings…

Sunday drwg 1Sunday drwg 2Sunday drwg 3

in the same space.  And I even had some familiar faces at the opening, which made it FUN!

Sunday group 1Sunday group 2

The Art Adventure Gallery is the gallery space for the Jefferson County Art Association and is located at 185 SW 5th Street in Madras.  My show will be up all month and if you are over that way, go take a look (open M-F 11:00 to 5:00, Saturday 11-3).

On to Sisters for a GOOD coffee and some shopping…

Sunday Sisters coffee

then home…

Sunday home

JUST in time for the opening of the new show “Breath of Heaven, Breath of Earth” at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art…it was packed…the show is up until December so you’ll have plenty of time to check it out.

HFMA opening

Today on the way to our daily bike ride/walk we checked out a few “themes” I’ve written about this spring and summer…progress on the Mattingly mural…fast and dramatic…the painters are racing the weather trying to finish before the temperatures soar to 90/100 this week…

Sunday mural check

And then the bank.  You may remember this spring the bank cut all the trees on State Street outside the US Bank, except two…

Sunday bank tree of yore

but of course, they cut those two down also…and yesterday I saw why…they wanted to repave the sidewalk.  I thought I’d go take a picture of the paving this morning but…NOT SO FAST BONNIE…

Sunday bank 1Sunday bank 2Sunuday bank 3

there are TWO guards there on this sunny Sunday morning…protecting the new sidewalk (and actually, though I’m NOT a vandal, it would have been fun to draw a picture of a tree in the cement)…the guard shouted out to me wondering why I wanted a photos and told me it was a really good looking sidewalk.

SO we’re going on a little jaunt to see Auntie Pat this week, and I’m taking a quilt to work on.  I put the binding on early because it’s easier to travel with it that way…still lots of work to go…

travel quilt 1travel quilt 2

See you in a few days!

Sunday packing up


  1. Drove down State St. on Sat. to check out the entance to the new apt. complex, but was distracted by the ugliness of the missing trees. Are these the same people that OK’d the tree massacure that are actually thinking of allowing the new apt. complex entrance to be in front of the carousel? Something may be rotten in Denmark, but something stinks bad in Salem!

    Love the new quilt. Wonderful colors and great movement.

    Have fun with Auntie Pat. She is a lucky girl to have such a thoughtful neice.

    and, thanks for posting your show photos. LOVELY.

  2. Gorgeous series of photos. Your Mt. Hood visit, your great looking show of quits & drawings (!!), your home looking serene & welcoming, the remarkable show at the HF, all beautiful…except the absent trees Wish you could have done a drawing. Salem’s present decision makers are fine friends of commerce rather than community. The trees, the eyesore of a sign (Ross), the proposed apartments with their collateral damage of our beloved park when nearby there stands, empty & for sale, an entire building of unrentable apts. Sigh. Love the under-construction quilt. (Thanks for the sky paintings reference.)

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