Chicago Visit

We were gone last week and spent most of the week in Kenosha, Wisconsin…and more about that next time.  The last day of the trip though, we headed into Chicago in order to see the new modern wing on the Art Institute, designed by Renzo Piano and built since our last trip…and a timely trip it was.  We met there, R’s first public lecture was in the Art Institute, we were married there and our anniversary is coming this week…

Chicago 1Chicago R:skeline

and the new museum is BEAUTIFUL.  I was pretty excited to see old favorites and new discoveries and I think I better show you…Here’s an early Jackson Pollock from 1941…

Chicago 3 41:Pollock

Willem DeKooning…

Chicago 4 DeK b&w

and this juicy detail of the bottom of  DeKooning’s “Excavation” of 1950…

Chicago 2:DeK detail

Brice Marden…

Chicago 5 Marden

A painter I don’t know named Lari Pittman who particularly liked incorporating design, illustration, lettering, whatever…

Chicago 6:Lari Pittman

and a detail…(for nicandsloy)

Chicago 7 Pittman detail

…and a couple of familiar Arthur Dove’s…

Chicago 8 Dove 1

Chicago 9 Dove:2

Chicago 12 RPH

and check these Hartley skies…

Chicago 10 Hartley:1Chicago 11 Hartley:2

Gerhard Richter…(where blissfully there was a bench!)

Chicago 14 RichterChicago 14:Richter 2Chicago 15:Richter

and Agnes Martin, in front of which I was reminded that everything relates to everything else…

Chicago 16 Agnes Martin

fountain detail

and then this famous Hockney portrait of the Weismans…

Chicxago 17 Weismans

which is gorgeously painted and has a totem pole I never noticed before…

Chicago 18 Hockney totem

Chicago 19 Hockney detail

Chicago R at AIC

we took the footbridge across to Millenium Park, stopping for a view east up Monroe Street to the Lake…

Chicago Monroe east

…did NOT climb on the sculpture, you’ll be relieved to know…

Chicago respect the art

took the requisite photo in the Bean…

Chicgao bean

checked the fountain action…

Chicago fountain 1Chicago fountain 2Chicago founian 3

and met up with Mary for a lively meal catching up and talking about old times, Chicago politics, trees, buildings, families…and on…

Chicago Marydinner tableR at dinner

and after dinner we jumped in her car for an impromptu architectural tour…reminding ourselves how much we like Chicago…

michigan avenue

Bye for now…(P.S. when I was a kid the Prudential Building in the center was the tallest building in the city…eek was it THAT long ago?)

Prudential +


  1. Bonnie: What a wonderful post! Frankie and I are close to being envious. I don’t know anyone–not anyone–who lives life more fully and with greater satisfaction than you and Roger. I know I’ve said that before, but it bears repeating. Love, George

  2. OK. Going to Chicago without us is ok . . THIS TIME. But, let’s work to see that NEXT TIME we getta meet up widya two there.

    I think Chicago is da Best.

    Glad you made it out of The Bean after having your picture taken in it.

    Be safe –


    1. Would love to see the new wing. Beautiful shots the abstract folks and others. Before the show closes at the de Young you two need to see the Diebenkorn show in SF. Hockney follows. I think Roger ought to consider a RD biography. Now THAT would be a project!

  3. I agree with George, above.

    The pictures and description of your time in Chicago makes me want to board the plane and spend a week in Chicago. The last time I was there was Spring, with snow, and a very bad cold. But what I experienced, I loved….

  4. bonnie, we are home from our own road trip & art visitation & are delighted to be catching up with your blog. your snaps of the art turned out beautifully. loved the choices you made & the closeups. thanks for the sloynic detail!

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