The Coil Lamp, DIY

Well last week we nipped into the AIC’s new modern-wing store because I wanted a catalog for the Zarina show we saw in the museum…when we saw this lamp…

coil lamp 1

It was made by coiling an extension cord around a clear plastic frame, but cost way too much… And then I saw that right NEXT to the lamp was a stack of DIY kits for making the lamp.  YES, trip souvenir found.

coil lamp 2

The instructions specify going to ACE hardware for the 100 foot cord and the CFL bulb.  So we did, and quickly assembled the lamp today.   It says to lay the cord out on the floor, but my trusty helper held the cord, which made it very easy to make the twists and turns required.

coil lamp 3

And, you don’t have to go to Chicago to get one…it was designed by a Chicago-based artist/illustrator Craighton Berman…

 coil lamp 4

coil lamp 5

Available on his website…Christmas is coming….


  1. Amazing…….and SO like you……..
    bringing MORE light to this dark, olde world,
    and in such a FUN format . . .

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