Archives (and Mushrooms)

Of course archives and mushrooms are not related, but when there is so much dark and rain …. it is astonishing what you start thinking about…?  I got in the car to go to the store and saw these…on a tree…

our mushrooms

and then the mushroom theme emerged once I was there at Life Source…


and these adorable little “hedgehogs” at $14.99 a pound….phew.

Hedgehogs   hmmm….mushroom hunting???

Yesterday we went over to the Mark Hatfield library…

Hatfield Library

for a brown bag panel discussion.  The Willamette University Library houses the archive of former WU Dean, Oregon Governor, Senator from Oregon, favorite son Mark O. Hatfield, and the panel were all former staff members.  I found it absolutely fascinating to hear them talk about their years in Washington, D.C., in Hatfield’s legislative office.  They  spoke of the atmosphere, the era, the sense of it being a magical moment, realized only after it was over.  And then the sense of all panel members that the non-partisan consensus  they saw in action was an historical fact, not a current plan of action. Here’s Mary McRobinson introducing the panel members (l. to r. Gary Barber, Rick Rolf, Mark Walker, Walt Evans, Vic Gilliam and Jim Fitzhenry)

Mary McRobinson and Hatfield's staff

and a final picture with Hatfield’s “great Seal”… (l. to r. Jim Fitzhenry, Mark Walker, Gary Barber, Walt Evans, Rick Rolf, Vic Gilliam)

Mark Hatfield's staff

Here’s an archive R has been working with, soon to come to the PNAA (Pacific Northwest Artists Archive) at Willamette…a shared inter-departmental project involving the Library archive and the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.

JEarchive 1JE2JE3

and since we now have archival brains, R has been organizing our own papers, and even our boxes (!)

Hull archive banker's boxesHull archive historic SalemHull archive boxes!

and when I went to our basement “archive” I found my Mom’s recipe binders!

Mom's cookbooks

I’m pretty sure there’s a mushroom recipe in here somewhere…:)


  1. If you want to know mushrooms, Sam is the man!
    He is in hot pursuit and has a thing or two to say about the benefits and joy of shrooms.

  2. Yup! Last month, he brought us an entire grocery bag full of Chantrelles he’d picked on his way down from the mountain. Last week it was Mitsutakes. He makes wonderful mushroom stews out of whatever is on hand.

  3. mark hatfield was not just an oregon treasure, he was a national one. sadly there aren’t many like him in washington any more. as for mushrooms, sloy’s chanterelle & baby bok choy pasta dinner last night was killer bee. nic

  4. Thanks to WU for hosting the Hatfield Staff Alum brown bag. As one of the panelists we appreciate what the university community is doing to preserve his wonderful legacy and unmatched political career but as we view events in politics and the world today we hope that it is Hatfield’s compassionate style that can somehow take root in a system that seems to be going in the other direction. Gary Barbour

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