Playing With the House

What a nice day today.  For one thing, it started out sunny with the light streaming in…

front parlor window

…and a few fun things were on the schedule…home things…

Back in 2012 at this time, I was getting ready for ankle surgery and being off my feet for three months.  R put lights on the trees outside the bedroom window

'12 outside day 2'12 outside day 3'12 outside day

and the effect was brilliant, especially at night…

'12 outside 1'12 outside 2'12 outside 3

'12 inside night

… we knew the trees were too close to the foundation and would have to come out…a summer project.  BUT…we wanted lights this year and hatched a plan to buy a light “net” and secure it within the window frame with cup hooks (nothing must encroach on the historic fenestration of course) …  We weren’t too sure really…thought it might look too grid-like…but up he went…

lights going upR and lights up 2the net

outside at night 1outside at night 2

oputside at night 4

2013 inside bedroomdeck

And then Earl arrived to install the new gas fire…

gasfire 1gas fore 2

which suits the house…it’s little and looks like a coal fire…


Getting ready for holidays, winter, coziness.  Too much fun.  Hot Toddy?


  1. …and what time are you serving the hot toddies?
    I love watching you create your own beautiful life..thanks for sharing it with us

  2. “Creating your own beautiful life” and sharing it with us, is the perfect phrase! I often ignore my email for days but always look to your entries for a lovely little boost, a generous share in your explorations & observations, illustrated. Thanks.

  3. Oh Bonnie, You’ve (and Roger) done it again. Love the window treatment and the new fireplace….oh my! Yes, a hot toddy in front of it sounds most inviting.
    So, when’s the open house?

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