Hooray! Sidney Roger Hull joined us on November 16th, 2013…born in Portland, Oregon.  His life will not be chronicled here…(his parents would like him to become a media star in his own good time…)  But…this is the point where his young life intersects with ours…delightfully.   He’s a beautiful boy, now just a week old.  So, a few images for friends and family afar…there is magical moment when you look into a baby’s face and glimpse a future you will not be a part of.  It seems oddly reassuring though, that somebody from this wacky family of weirdly creative people will be out there…here’s Sidney:

Roger: SidRoger with Sidme and Sidney


R holding Sid 11-22R?S 2r:s 3

red wrAP

and here’s the third and FINAL (Ashton…I Promise) baby quilt…this one made from fabrics brought to the baby shower…it isn’t quite done, but a Thanksgiving delivery is predicted…

the fabriccutting boardmidway through

Baby showr quilt

fiinished quilt