Blair Saxon-Hill

We first met artist Blair Saxon-Hill through archives…


Blair and artist John Brodie own a book store in Portland, Monograph Bookwerks which handles new and used, rare and out of print art books…and occasionally archives come their way.  Blair currently has a show up at the Littman Gallery at Portland State University, “From the Beginning (Yet Further On)”…has several pieces in a Crow Shadow show at the Hallie Ford Museum in Salem, and is getting ready for the Disjecta Biennial next March.  She was speaking about her work and about the PSU show last weekend so we went to listen.  The talk was a conversation between Blair and writer/musician Timmy Straw and the first image was a photo taken by Timmy Straw (particularly fitting as the talk was on November 22nd…) All the images were shown on a wall with a grid made by the wall material…in every case the criss-cross made an interesting visual effect…in this case putting Kennedy in the cross hairs…

Timmy Straw's photo

and then Blair talked at length about her work, her interest in surfaces and collage and layering…in making an image, photographing the image and then re-working it, found objects and images, found materials…all particularly fascinating to me.

Blair 1Blair 2

And after the talk we saw the show at the Littman Gallery… up until December 12th.  Better go take a look at this interesting work…noticing the edges and surfaces, the Kline blue…

Blair 3

Blair 4

Blair 5

and this fantastic found piece with the fake brick print and the fake shingle print….

Blair 6

Blair 7

image of marbleized studio floor…

Blaqir 8 studio floor

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