Black Friday….

Well, definitely gray Friday, anyway.  Snow and chill predicted to be on the way…

The other day a white pick-up pulled up in front of our house and two young persons jumped out, raked up all the leaves in front in the street, and drove away.  ?????Composters?  Neighborhood helpers?  A new eau de vie?

leaf elf 1 leaf eld 2

The “snail blog” has resumed after a brief hiatus…and I’m SUPER thankful for that…

snail blog

and most especially for the card featuring “Miss Lube Rack”…(as the blog continues the card choices seem to become both more hilarious and more nuanced…)

Miss Lube Rack

Thanksgiving was lovely this year with the new grandbaby in attendance.  Pies courtesy of Ashton…(it was yummy!!)

blueberry pie

We celebrated R’s birthday but here’s the thing…he did NOT want to blow out the candles…

R and his cake

Eventually he did though, and soon we left the warmth of the hearth and headed down the freeway…


with Doug’s warning about the traffic near the outlet mall…I kind of didn’t believe it, but it was true…we passed by about 11:00 p.m., an hour before opening, and the parking lot was full with people lined up outside the door of each store.  America.Mall

Today, gray Friday, has been a recuperative day that has involved chicken soup and cups of tea…

chicken soup


a poinsettia from Scott and Kristin


and now it’s almost time for coffee and a fire as we head to the early darkness…

recuperative lunch


Remaining thankful.


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