There is nothing more numbing than a long narrative of what somebody else has been doing…sort of like an over-long Christmas letter…but images, well, always good for some of us.  So, images only, this is what my week has held…

cake 2cake 3

birthday tablesproutskitchen

front parlor

Nicandsloy enveloopeNICANDSLOY GIFT WRAPnicandsloy 1

Nicandsloy 2

trees onetrees twoxmas car 2

xmas tree car 3Fred and Ginger

Lazy GalHendrica and Mamacscc stars

coast road

bay sky big

Nelscott sunset   bay sky sunsetsunset at jaws 2

moss on patio


no postings

beach 1beach 2beach 3

off to the valley

Starbuck's snow


Mike Russo


Houseukies at the CapitolSenate

knobukies from behindukies susan and Trent


Christmas splice


  1. what a rich assortment of images to feast upon. I of course loved the pictures of ukuphoria playing at the Capitol. I was impressed that you got a photo for the seadragon as well.

  2. You guys were fantastic!!!! What a festive occasion and I’m in love with the look on Susan L’s face as she watches the young Elvis sing…

  3. All glorious images! Beach cloud sequence delish! Sidney looks too cozy-kissable in his blue cocoon. Your photos are magic. Perhaps just a title or two would have been welcome. I’ve never, ever known your naratives to be numbing, only interesting & insightful. Wish Alexander & I could have been at the ukes in the Capital event. He is in love with them. Next year…

  4. Man, baby Sidney begins his life swaddled in art…that beautiful profile with the scrumptious blue wrapping on the black/white matt…
    Love the black and white on that loveseat, with the carpet, with the books, with the lights, etc., etc.
    And the moss between bricks is gorgeous.
    Now I’ll write my numbing yearly catch up and wonder if by NEXT year I’ll learn how to send more than one photo at a time……..

    Happy Christmas and all to you.
    And hugs, from Sara

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