And So a New Year Begins…

Every year since 2004 I’ve had only one resolution…”Have More Fun.”  I’ve stuck to it faithfully.  This year I ‘m adding a few things to the list…

Get the Hull archive in order:

Hull archive 1

Sort my own work, including these boxes of work on paper that just came to light:

drawing boxes

Consider getting a few very old things framed up, maybe including:


blue and white stripes

"drawing table"Homage to Hockney

Read more:


Beach time:

bech time 2

Time in the studio and garden:


Watch Sidney grow:


Draw more:buttons

and then the continued amusements:


Happy New Year Friends!




  1. Lovely. All wonderful things to sink into. Today I have a fire in the fireplace, classical music playing, and I’m finishing up on some new art pieces for my upcoming show. What a quietly joyful way to begin 2014!
    A couple of those older pieces you uncovered might be colorfully fantastic for Sidney’s room!!
    Wishing you and Roger a superb new year.

  2. we both so enjoy “on the way” and this issue did not disappoint. perhaps more of your hull archive will appear in future issues. certainly hope so. the ‘spare buttons’ drawing speaks to me. sloy

  3. So awesome to call you friend. May all your New Year dreams come true. I look forward to all your so creative blogs.

    Sent from Frankie’s iPad


    1. I look forward to these beautiful little missives. They are perfect and bring sunshine on these cloudy winter days. Happy New ! Bob

  4. You forgot “Visit Boston” 😉 haha
    Happy New Year! I love your artwork, especially your pen and ink drawings

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