The 4th of July

Well, America.  All that it means to us…the history, the narrative, the many wonderful people just trying to live a life.  Maybe the fourth of July is when I can put aside the politics and the incessant bad news of NPR and just revel in what I think summer in America is…for me anyway… Pie […]

The End of Fall

I haven’t been slacking exactly, except maybe for reporting things here… What a fall it has been…kind of a whirlwind of activity including birthdays… new studio, sewing, family, art, writing, house projects…THANKSGIVING! …a walking boy… family and feasts are good… and the END of the fall fix-up!  Yay!  On we go…  

Being Thankful

Being thankful is even more to the point on the day AFTER Thanksgiving, when one’s loved ones have departed leaving a warm glow…and a fridge full of delectables.  I can say this year it was underscored for me that my family is funny, good-looking, interesting and lively.  All were willing to try something different this […]