TOO Much Fun…

Kate invited me along to her quilt group this morning, and what a fun group they are.  A variety of ages, a variety of interests, and very welcoming.  Our hostess was Linda whose entire house is a quilting treasure trove…here’s a brief tour…she collects buttons…


including this cute as a button pup named Buttons…


and her house is full of quilts…her own and antiques…



and her sewing room, like any good studio, is packed with raw material and tools…

Linda sewing rooom oneLinda sewing room 2Liunda sewing room 3


she saves strips too thin to sew and uses them for gift wrap….

Linda gift wrap 1

and uses the selvages…(here a sewing machine cover)…

Linbda selvage

Of course we got around to show-and-tell…Bernice has just finished a quilt top for her great granddaughter…


and is working on a piece using hexagons…

Bernice hex

She got the hexagon fever from Linda who showed us her first hex project…

Linda hex

and a hex pin cushion…

hex pincushion

Kathleen had a BIG bag of show-and-tell-…most of which she had made in the last month (!!?)…

Kathleen 4

Kathleen 3

Kathleen 2

Kathleen 1

Kate is working on a applique piece…


Deanne is working on a Hawaiian block for her daughter using all batik fabric…(check it out…it’s UKULELES!!)


Olga is working on a lovely needle case (but my picture is a blur) so out came all manner of needle cases…

NC 8DEANNEneedlecaSE 1


NC 4NC 6NC 5

and Kathleen’s “Fractured” quilt top from a Kathy Doughty pattern…whose fun blog “Material Obsession” is always a treat…


…and best of all they invited me to come back!


  1. ohhhh if I lived around there I would definitely try to fish an invite from you to this group…looks like so much fun! Buttons!!

  2. This DOES look like TOO much fun. And very inspiring! I really like the selvage quilt. How very clever. Keep enjoying, Bonnie!

  3. You had me at the word quilt. I love, love, love quilts and the art of quilting. I agree, it looks like so much fun. I taught my daughter how to sew and her first quilt was the hexagon too. Love the use of her strips for gift wrap, great idea. Thanks for sharing!!

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