Back in the Swing….

I took a bunch of my art work over to Monmouth last week for Eric Olsen’s Edward’s Addition open house, and the next day R and I went to see how it came out.  The house is very nice, all on one floor, and it was total fun to see my work looking rather nice on the neutral walls…still open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6-9…1115 Gwinn Street in Monmouth.  Guess I was so glad to see my work in a great environment, I forgot to take a picture of the front of the house.  Better go take a look!


"Wisteria 2"

"Tea Leaf"


"Life's a Blossom Branch"

"Henk's Tulips"

And speaking of houses, my old friend Mary Grace West and her husband David have sold their beautiful Victorian house, the historic Port Manning House, out on Halls Ferry Road…BIG house sale this weekend with Eastlake furniture, Victorian silver, huge sale as they are down-sizing.  Friday June 27, at June 28, Sunday June 29th from 9-4.  4922 Halls Ferry Road S.  A nice drive and a fantastic sale.

Over here more mundane pastimes….

CW 1 CW 2 CW 3

CW 4 CW 5 cw 6

Gloria (next door) is getting a new fence…


but the rest of her garden is looking good…


and the May quilt (here unbound) is now complete…with me racing to complete the June quilt…quilt top sewn in Italy…before Monday:

ZMay quilt

May Quilt detail





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