The Crab Pot

The Crab Pot was an institution in Lincoln City…most especially in Cutler City.  The original business dates way back to the 1920’s…

Crab Pot, neon sign

For 39 years it has been owned and operated by Allen Black, who lived above the storefront.  R and I have been buying fish there since 1992 and have had many a good dinner and many a conversation about urban renewal, old bikes, business in a tourist town, etc. with Allen Black.  I’ve taken lots of pictures of the place…we loved it.  It symbolized a part of beach life that has disappeared into Casinos and big box stores and restaurants.







On the third of July the unimaginable happened…a fire started in the smoker, leapt to the roof of the store and from there to the roof of the house…

fire 12

the fire

A total and complete loss.  Everything he had and had worked for.


Allen Black's bike



newspaper photos




  1. That is a great post Bonnie–great pictures over the years. You are a good chronicler of everyday things…


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  2. Oh no! That’s just devastating! Such a Cutler institution! Hoping beyond hope that he had insurance?!

  3. A tradition with my family—if camping, crabs from the crab pot, bread from the bakery, mayo from home. then more crabs and fish for Salem. I forwarded this post to Rick and Shanna who were 6 YO and 4 YO when we first began frequenting the crab pot. Got replies from them of regret. So horrific for Allen Black, tho, as well as for the beach saga.

  4. So sad!

    We’re fighting a clear cutting developer up at our end of the beach. They want to cut down the old growth forest behind us and put in eight apartment buildings. I don’t think we have much of a chance to prevail. Lincoln city won’t be happy until they kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Why would anyone want to vacation in a place that is as congested as what they are getting away from?

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  5. bonnie, i forwarded this post to a good friend who lived in cutler city growing up. she found your pictures romantic and lovely and remembers her father going across the street to tup’s tavern where he would pick up jojos and chicken for dinner sometimes. i had to look jojos up, tho suspected they might be potatoes.

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