Quilts and a Brother

This month the Tuesday quilt group met at Olga’s and she had a few quilts thrown over the railing like a medieval castle…

Q Olga

Her house is comfy and fun…here’s something I spied…

Q buttons'

Linda and Kathleen had shared a piece of fabric in the mystery quilt challenge, and this was the reveal…here’s Linda’s version (front and back)

Q Linda Challenge

Q Linda challenge 2

and here’s Kathleen’s…front and back…

Q Kathleen challenge

Q:K back

Applique is happening…

Q applique 2

Q applique H

but my favorite part was the passing of the scrap basket…you can probably guess which piece I took…

Q scrap basket

I brought the FINISHED July quilt, and we decided on an ugly fabric challenge…7 of us took a fat quarter but Bernice opted out on this one…

Q July

the deadline is December…

Q ugly

MEANWHILE…back in the studio my brother How was visiting from Rochester this week and we had a little studio time together.  His beginning idea was a city lexicon (does this remind you of anything…a quilt maybe??) in which he would turn all the letters into bridges…or subways…or something…

H lexicon

H at work

(…can you tell he is an architect?)


He left these behind…get it?…HULL…?


and these…


He took off for Seattle today and another brother to visit…I miss him in the studio,

How in studio

but feel very happy for the time we had together…







  1. How wonderful to have your brother actually work in your (lovely,orderly) studio! I have never had any adult relative who wanted to do such a thing. Plenty of delightful children, though, over the years. Challenging to use anything one truly thinks of as ugly in a laborious piece of creative work. Be interested to see results.

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