The Snail Blog/”Couples”

I haven’t written about the Snail Blog lately…my friend Ellen’s counter-move in response to this blog.  She sends me a post card almost everyday with the small (and sometimes overwhelming) details of her life in Vermont.  She has become a postcard collector, and sends the cards in series…one recent series, for instance, was “Bridges”. But this series…numbers 1739 through 1760…has been the “Couples” series. IMG_5052 The fun of collecting I suppose, and the fun of receiving I KNOW, is the interesting and wacky combinations that arrive in our mail box…Here are some couples for you to ponder… The Hoovers Sonny and Cher Rembrandt  Manet Joan and Bob Caillebotte Bonnie and Clyde IMG_5057 Clintons   Lillian Gish Men with hats, men without hats, men without hair, women with guns…well, I’ve loved this series…and just about everyday has this moment in it when, amidst the ads and bills, I find this in the mailbox…




  1. This endeavor reminds me of the friendship gift Karen gives us with her quotes and you offer us with this blog. Thank you to all of you. Loved the photos.
    As a Dallasite, have to note our locals with the gun…Bonnie and Clyde.

  2. Since I don’t usually get to see these before they are mailed this was a treat for me! What a great series!

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