Getting ready for a “Conversation”

2564 Conversation Show Posterfinal2

I truly don’t think of this blog as a vehicle for publicizing my own work, but really folks…”it’s been a year in the making”…(as they used to say in the trailers for movies in the 1950’s.)  I guess I’ve blogged about it along the way, but now we’re down to the wire…writing statements, taking photos, measuring for dowels, making a plan for delivery and what our “remarks” will constitute.  We met last week and compared quilts and notes…we met Friday and heaved a huge, collective sigh of relief at the sheer volume of handwork, hand-made marks, if you will, that we have made.  Okay, we patted ourselves on the back a little…


but mine are all thrown on the couch….

Q's on the couch

where R has tried to cover them from the sunlight that pours in the east window in the morning…something spooky might be happening under there…??  It’s the season for it…


Q's on the couch 2

Details of a few of mine include…”Blackbird Singing…”

"Blackbird" Hull

“Matisse/Hull Notre Dame, 1914”

"Notre Dame 1914"...Hull

Collaboration 2015, Hull




and “Virgin of Guadalupe”

"V of G"...Hull

This show will be up in the George Fox University Gallery from November 5th to December 3rd.  I would love you all to see it and let me know what you think.  No more on this now until we deliver, put it up, and “make remarks”.  Kay Worthington and I will be holding forth at 4:10 p.m. on Thursday November 5th…it will be, well, a conversation, I think!

Ready to roll!




  1. Glad you posted ,and I would give you a pat on the back with a hug if I was there. 🙂 may the crowd be jolly and the conversations be pleasant!

  2. Thanks for showing so many wonderful details. Your quilts are stunning, and very much “you.” Please take lots of photos at the show. Sure wish I could be there. xo

  3. I wish I could click my heels like Dorothy and just be there. I love your quilts and I would love to meet you face to face. I’d like to think we kind of look alike. We both wear round glasses. Have fun at your show.

  4. bonnie, nothing better, not even your close-up pics, than to see these quilts close up and in person. we are certainly going to make every attempt to see this show. it may not be, alas, on the conversation night as 4:30 is a difficult time for us, but we will see.

  5. This was all glorious to look at & to read your comments! ‘Blackbird singing’ might be favorite of what I can see. Must everything be scheduled on First Thursday? Would love to hear your conversation! Surely a project worth “a year in the making”.
    Your blog is a visual gift and MUST include your work that is so much a part of you & your life. We are so glad you share!

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