The Week Between…

Wasn’t that nice??  I just loved the whole week nothing at all to do…well, stuff to do for sure, but without the need to FOCUS…as I’m always reminding myself to do.  When we got to the beach I noted some of the poems that arrive occasionally on the fridge…


so we took it to heart…two days we took the same route from Road’s end to Cutler City chasing the sunset, as I mentioned in the last post.  One day it was sunset at 4:41…then 4:43 (today 4:45)…YAY!

Road's End 1Road's end 2

edge 1

edge 2

Bay 1

Bay 2

We had some sunny days to ride bikes…(relics, like us kind of)…

bikes 1bikes 2

after a leisurely breakfast….

breakfast 2morning

Time to read…



to draw…

drawing 1drawing 2drawing 3

and sew (the Moda block 2015 quilt with several of the blocks edited out…and several unscripted ones added in…ugh).

Moda (1)

to play…


We wandered aimlessly just taking pictures of this beautiful place in the world…like this nice one of R’s from a solitary sunset beach walk….a hole in the sky…

R's beautiful photo

Sometimes on foot, sometimes in the car when it rained…


Cutler City

beach walk

neighborhood 1


kitchen 1kitchen 2


poem 2

Time to fly, to start a new year, to write more, draw more, sew more, love more…if we are lucky enough to have the chance…and–of course–we have to…


Happy New Year all you birds…




  1. Great way to spend a week! The little stone face is so neat! I have moments like it expression when it comes to focusing!🙃

  2. Glad to see the white tulips made it to the beach with you! once i carried a pot of tete de tete daffies with me all over France, photographing them in each new location. it was so nice to have their cheery company!

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