The Coffee Book

Back in 2008 I started a little drawing book in which I would only record my coffees.  For a couple of years it got buried in a pile of drawing books, but eventually was rescued…it started like this…



and home again it became a sort of journal of my travels around town…

3..the Beanery

4...Dutch Bros.

trips to the beach…

5. Hans

regional travels…art related…


7.  Camp Sherman

new coffee places opening up…


8. appy New Year

Only two pages left.  On we plunge into 2016…heading out for a coffee…



  1. LOVE those coffee sketches! Woke up to snow here in the valley. Not much, but the sidewalk and porch had to be cleared and it is only 30 degrees now and dropping again with snow in the prediction. xo

  2. I love that last sentence!! Now I’m headed to the kitchen to brew some coffee . Fireplace is going.. Now the aroma of coffee…. Hmmmm life is great and getting better!😊

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