Well, we were supposed to be heading to Palm Springs for the week to bask in the sun…but it started to snow so we headed to Portland to be nearer the airport for our 9:30 a.m. departure…it was cold…

Icey 1

and the streets of Portland were deserted as we headed to Doug and Marie’s house…

Icey 2

At 3:00 AM our cell phones lit up…flight canceled due to freezing rain, vacation canceled, slide back to the valley…

icey 3

Plan B went into effect…guess who came down for a couple of days of play…???

staycation 2

yep!  Sidney!

staycation 3

we”re hitting the local highlights…

carousel 1carousel 2coursel 3

and meanwhile there was an earthquake in Palm Springs this morning, torrential rains, landslides, flooding…we might have dodged a bullet?  Happy to be here where we are…

staycation 1



  1. Palm Springs is my old stomping grounds. When I was born it was more like a pueblo. My sister lives there and my brother in Palm Desert. California certainly needed the rain but… everything else is not helpful. From what I see you make the best of wherever you are and have a good time..

  2. The grin on Sidney’s face is contagious! So glad you didn’t get caught up in the Palm Springs troubles. Love that cactus plant .

  3. Sorry to hear that. Looks like the right decision. Too bad you didn’t get a break from the ice and cold you’ve been having. California doesn’t appear to be the place for that this winter. Sidney will provide the warmth.

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