Compass Gallery at the Willamette Heritage Center

Jan show card

New Year, new adventure.  Necessary, interesting, taxing, good…fun.  Every year for the last few for me has begun with one major resolution…”Have More Fun.”  If you’re in town this Thursday evening come to the Willamette Heritage Center (formerly known as Mission Mill) from 5-7 and wish “us” well in this new endeavor.  “Us” being Dayna Collins, Tory Brokenshire, and me, and join the fun.

Compass Gallery 1

Compass Gallery 3

Compass Gallery 4

In the fall of 2014 the three of us and 9 other artists were lucky enough to find new studio space in the old Rag Warehouse at Mission Mill.   Debbie Leahy and Catherine Alexander were opening a new gallery and had found vacant studio space upstairs.  Debbie facilitated the leasing process.  Dayna and Tory shared, I shared…and during the year attrition gave us each our own space while, meanwhile, Catherine and Debbie ran two nice galleries downstairs.  This fall they moved on to other things and the gallery came open.  A group of the studio artists tried to run it, but by December it was proving too much.   So…the flying wedge of three…Dayna Tory and me…decided to try it for 9 months.  We’ve mapped out the year ahead and hope to have some interesting and fun things happening.  Suddenly we are thrust into the world of websites, press releases, show cards…phew!  Here’s how it came together this month…

Compass empty

Commpass supplies

Compass B&W

Compass R helps

Compass candid

and amazingly, a show came together.  Our work is very different, but that’s where the fun comes in…combining and recombining…

Compass Gallery 3

Compass Dayna CollinsCompass Gallery 6 Dayna Collins

Compass Gallery 5 Tory Brokenshire

Comnpass Gallery 7 Tory Brokenshire


Each of us will spend a week “working” in the there January 13-16, 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., quilting and drawing.

Tory there January 20-23, 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., sculpture.

Dayna there January 27-30, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., cold wax and oil.

Coming attractions include February “light as Air”, March “Tulips” and April a one-person show of the work of Elizabeth Bauman.  See you soon!

Compass fun Tory

Conpass fun Dayne

Max Marbles came to wish us well…

Dayna and Max




  1. Looks like fun already in session. Nice little co-op you got going there.
    Sorry I can’t make it there Thursday. Hope it is lively.

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