Just Tulips!

Well this gallery gig is interesting and fun, but goodness a month comes around fast! Thursday Dayna, Tory and I put up the new show, “Just Tulips”, and lest you think it’s ALL work, check us out…(these two are a little scary…) Dayna went BOLD… Tory went whimsical…(this one sold already!!) and this one is […]

Compass Gallery at the Willamette Heritage Center

New Year, new adventure.  Necessary, interesting, taxing, good…fun.  Every year for the last few for me has begun with one major resolution…”Have More Fun.”  If you’re in town this Thursday evening come to the Willamette Heritage Center (formerly known as Mission Mill) from 5-7 and wish “us” well in this new endeavor.  “Us” being Dayna […]