Goodbye February

Well busy, yep, but sick…that nasty chest cold stuff going around.  We retreated to the beach where we could cough in unison, we discovered…and be restored…

bay 1

bay 4

bay 3

bay 2

We even got well enough to do a little pruning…the wisteria for instance…

wisteria 1wisteria 1a

no need to cut the rosemary back…the fence guy took care of that…


all that’s left…for the fire…


but we headed back to the valley to get ready for Sidney Monday, and had a great day which included a trip to Duplex where Sidney visited with Otto and R chatted about the Corvallis faculty print show now up…Included were two prints of Nelson Sandgren’s.  Sandgren (1917-2006) is the next show curated by Roger Hull at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, and it opens in mid-May…and will include a monograph R has written on Nelson and his work …”Nelson Sandgren: An Artist’s Life”…you’ll want a copy…Duplex


Lunch was at Laughing Planet today where the dinosaurs were very curious about the camera…



but mostly I think they were just hungry and thirsty…



Dinosaur hug…


This Thursday a new show goes up at the Compass Gallery…”Just Tulips” opening on Thursday March 10, 5-7.  Better come see…more on that this week…




  1. The lake photos are beautiful. The one dinosaur happily drinking tea,looks like he has faced a few battles in his time.. Missing a toe and a finger. Hope that nasty cough has left ya!!

  2. Whole entry is a fine farewell to February. So glad you are restored by your little sojourn to ‘your’ lovely beach. (rosemary vanished rather than trimmed?) I am looking forward to Nelson’s show & Roger’s book! What is it about little boys and dinosaurs? All 3 of my boys were mad about them. Love the curious, thirsty and improbably hug-able crew and most particularly, the beautiful hugger!

  3. guess i’m going backwards here….March before February. sounds like a country western song.
    Very anxious for the Nelson show and and a copy of the Roger book. Nelson was such a lovely human being. It was sheer luck that i got to know him. his creativity was mind boggling….to put it mildly.
    He would have loved Sidney and the dinosaurs, and your gorgeous photos of the beach.

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