Hello March!

In Like a Lion today…hail, wind, pouring rain…but a happy day nonetheless.  The first Tuesday of the month is quilt group and today we went out to Lynda’s where everything is about sewing…the flower bed…


and the dog (“Buttons”)…everything…in a good way.

B uttons

Show and tell included Lynda’s new quilt made from a pattern called “Smitten”


but my personal favorite was a vintage quilt top Eve brought out, given to her by a friend who just didn’t know what to do with it…his mother had made it…


Eve (very happily from my point of view) is going to hand quilt it…

Eve's detail


and then on to lunch with two artist friends…to eat and then to discuss the recent review of the Edvard Munch show in the New Yorker…fascinating to talk about work, intention, working in a series vs. “one-offs” the creative life as an antidote to a variety of things…so good that next month we’re going to do it again with the topic being the painter Charles Birchfield and how we can draw dramatic oak trees outside the window…


the lunch was a feast for the eye and tummy…”Israeli elk meatballs” (we did ponder where in Israel the elks actually live…?) and polenta…yum…


cauliflower and tea…


and then the garden…bursting…



flowering quince


and then…around here…it’s birthday month.  Of my 3 sibs and me, three of us have March birthdays…my adorable sister-in-law has a March birthday…friends from near and far (Happy Birthday Larry and Nan and Patrick and David and Sara and Jerrod and Kathy and Dick!)

birthday cake

but the milestone birthday is Emma’s.  She will soon be 21, which is hard to believe for some of us…

emma at 2 daysB and EmR and Em

…she’s a star…always has been…

Emma christening

and though I think this will make her squirm, she has grown into a smart, talented, funny and beautiful woman…Happy Birthday Emma…I love you!






  1. Happy Birthday,Bonnie! Lovely post ,so enjoyed the flowers ,quilts and cute buttons. The vintage quilt has lovely feedsack fabric in it! Emma is a very sweet,pretty looking girl. 🙂

  2. Returning to Salem (after some fun in the sun), and finding it still gray, gloomy and pouring rain, your post was a blast of sunny and warm.
    My parents had a dog named Buttons, but none of us ever thought to make him a collar of such….adorable.
    and the quilts are back!!! always so lovely to see. Eve certainly received a priceless gift…her friend absolutely knew what he was doing.
    loved that you discussed art over lunch. the plates looked very much like the work of Charles H.?
    and your flower photos. oh my. such a nice welcome home.
    Hope your birthday was very happy! xo

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