Just Tulips!

Well this gallery gig is interesting and fun, but goodness a month comes around fast!

very best(1)

Thursday Dayna, Tory and I put up the new show, “Just Tulips”, and lest you think it’s ALL work, check us out…(these two are a little scary…)


Dayna went BOLD…


Dayna stripeswriting vaseDayna all three (2)

Tory went whimsical…(this one sold already!!)

Monkey business

and this one is called “A Tractor Named Tulip”…

Tractor named Tulip

PLUS…a bit elegant…

Tory lamp

and I went archival…hanging up some tulip drawings and paintings from earlier…


PLUS the tulip chair, now for sale,…

Tulip chair

and then my recycled bouquet…my wisteria prunings wrapped in quilt scraps…(nothing must be wasted!!)

chair and paintings

"Henk's tulips #3", large


CarmenHenk's tulips #5 detaildrawing (1)

Better come see us Thursday March 10th, 5-7…




  1. I love, love, love tulips they are my favorite flower to think of a whole show about tulips is so wonderful. Tulips are brave sweet at the same time. Thanks for this beautiful exhibit.

  2. I love the quilt scraps, someone just gave me a cork tree in a pot, it has bottle caps on it, for my hubbies bday and is understandably not something I want on my doorstep, but this idea has set me going, thanks, I love the Just Tulips show, especially Dana’s bold blue pink and gold tulip painting and I adore your half drawn half painted tulips that is on the poster. Gorgeous!

  3. that is one lovely show flyer! you three are doing a fab job of creating shows. it’s a lot of work, as you say, but also important and rewarding.
    we will be there to enjoy this one, maybe even on opening night, tho we prefer to have the place to ourselves so that we can focus our eyes in on each piece. one thing is for certain, it is a must-see.

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