Caramelized Corn with Fresh Mint

Friday morning I was flitting through emails…including the NYTimes “What to Cook This Weekend” and I saw this recipe which looked super easy and super delicious…and it IS both of those.  I had to pass it on…the recipe is for “Caramelized Corn with Fresh Mint” and gives directions for using frozen corn, but NO…you must use fresh corn this time of year!  I won’t even give you those directions…

We were heading to the MIG (Minto Island Growers) food cart for lunch, so IF they had corn it was a go (we have mint in the garden).  Yay they had corn (and radishes too…not in the recipe, but irresistible to some of us…)



Caramelized Corn with Fresh Mint (New York Times)

4-5 cups fresh corn cut off the cob (they said 12 ears, but I used three ears and it was almost 4 cups…maybe the corn is dinkier in NYC?!)

1 stick of butter (I used less…maybe 3/4 of a stick of butter)

1/2 cup chopped mint leaves


Basically you melt half of the butter in a large flat pan over high heat until melted but not browned…add half the corn and cook until it begins to brown (and some will POP!) then add the mint leaves and salt and put in a bowl.  Add the second half of the butter, repeat the whole process…serve.  No kidding this is one of those dishes that is  totally simple, fresh, sweet/savory and delicious.  It looked like this…


(Hey check out the poppy seed cake R made for my quilt class…what a guy…and he can make orchids re-bloom too…)






…waiting for the salmon off the grill…TRY THIS…no kidding.




  1. David I hit the wall yesterday…gallery opening Thursday night, me featured artists…class Saturday to get ready for, and so on…We had planned on going BUT…sometimes you just can’t rise to the occasion, alas. xo

  2. We had this last night. It was a hit all around. Erik said it tasted like chocolate mint ice cream. Hmmmm….I wasn’t quite getting that flavor but the mint did give my beloved corn an unusual yummy flair! I’m going to try less butter next time. Surely it can be done.

  3. would have never thought of adding mint to my corn. will give it a try. this is how i have been cooking my corn for years, either fresh of frozen. only takes a few min. in the butter. beats heating up the whole kitchen with a big pan of boiling water!

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