There is a week between delivering my work to the Minthorne Gallery at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, and my actually seeing the exhibit up on the walls.  A week for the curator, Sarah Cuevas,  to arrange, decide, place.  I’ll see the exhibit (“Little Me”) in place next Monday when the curtain goes up on this little dog and pony show.  Sarah is keeping in touch though…


and that leaves me with a week to think.  What is this “making” thing about?  Why the urge for a narrative?  What does “making” do to one’s life view?  What happens when work made in a small room with one window at the top of the stairs…sees the light?

A recent weekend visit with poet Christine Hemp had us all conversationally pondering these and other questions, and her follow-up letter left me with this thought…”I’m convinced, I think, that the making helps to keep the dark and light in perspective.”  This is true for me too.  And speaking of “making” here is Christine’s wonderful poem:

and for now the unanswered question is “will these bluebells be gone by week’s end?”

The Minthorne Gallery is located in the Hoover Building at George Fox University, conveniently located off Meridian Street next to a parking lot.  The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 5:00, no weekend hours.  The exhibit “Little Me” opens Monday, May 13th and will be on view until Friday, July 19th.  I’ll be in the gallery for sure on Monday the 13th from 11-2, and other times by arrangement.












  1. Someone once said “art is what makes the truth bearable” I suppose that may also work in reverse

  2. According to professor google it was that darn nietzsche who was always spouting off about something

  3. Love love love all that red and white! This all looks great and fabulous!! The black with the colorful leaves? is very interesting…hope my travel schedule lets me get there to view it myself…😊

  4. Thank you for sharing the poem and I am very much looking forward to see your show. As far as the blue bells, I have nothing poetic n mind.

  5. Like Carol ,I love all the red and white,also that Wonderful poem! Those beautiful blue bells will last a long time in that photo! 😊😍

  6. you know what is going to be even more incredible to see in person than this fab quilt? seeing the hand sewn stitches/lines/shapes up close. (could not figure how to post the photo from your blog tonite._

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