My quilt group meets every month.  Usually its sewing, chatting, idea sharing through books, magazines, talking, drinking coffee, a little snack maybe…but twice a year there is the challenge reveal.  We reveal the results of the twice yearly challenge, discuss the challenge coming up, and have lunch.  One challenge is in December, one in June…and this one was Eve’s.  She wanted us each to make plaid, and she gave us each a bit of fabric that she wanted to see in the finished piece someplace…and it had to be 20″x20″ at least.  The reveals are the most fun of all and often totally hilarious…this one no exception…especially when Kathleen revealed her nice log cabin piece all made with plaid fabrics…oops, she missed the message…but who cares really…

and here are some of the rest…


I subverted by making two place mats and then didn’t take pictures of them…this one using some name tape that’s been kicking around in the bottom of my sewing basket for years…

and then we got ready for the next challenge:

Each person came with a “jelly roll” of fabric…20 strips cut 2 1/2 ” wide.  The rules are to use the strips to make a top, NO other fabric can be added, sew up the pieces into a top and in December each top will be returned to the fabric donor for quilting or finishing…so everybody got a brown paper bag for their jelly rolls on which their name was pinned ( for the return in December )…and then we each took a bag!

Oh what fun!  Some were messy, some were tidy, all looked like they were filled with possibilities…

Time for lunch…on a plaid cloth–what else?


  1. Oh how wonderful, Bonnie: How fun, delightful. What better way to clear the air (of all things Trump and Trump-related), restore some whimsy and perspective into life, than to make a quilt—with good friends and even snacks.

    You inspire me. (Actually, your every breath-in and breath-out inspires me.) Jeff and I have an embroidered sign over our mantle that says “The Family that Inveighs Together Stays Together.” That’s all fine, but Jeff, our friends, and I do too much inveighing and not enough planting or baking or sewing or even playing Scrabble or Boggle.

    I absolutely love On the Way. Mary does, too, and we write one-another the minute we receive your latest posting.

    Love to you and Roger,


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