Summer 2019

Whaat?  It’s August 1st? Hi…it’s been a while.  My exhibit is over and I’ve navigated the often-post-show let-down…and in checking my photo file I see a lot has happened but I’m speechless on this subject so I’ll just roll out some images thereby proving summer is summer, mine not too different from yours…beach, garden, family…occasional carwash…the usual.


Tragedy strikes:

Roll on summer!




    1. Yep…a funny begonia…blooms
      It’s heart out every year … goes in the basement in the winter, we forget what’s in the “pot of dirt “, get
      It out and slowly, slowly, it grows and
      Then BAM! Begonia.

  1. Just to say, the photo of the ladies in front of the quilt, the one with the red “exclamation marks” behind one of the ladies — it brought a smile to my face. Just too fun. Was it posed?

  2. “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?” These were wonderful, thank you for sharing your summer!

  3. Tha images speak, Bonnie. We both feel bad we could NOT make it to your show. We had hoped to. This summer is swamped with house guests. More soon to arrive. folks LOVE to come to Oregon in summer and I sure see why. Usually we’ve been heading off to opera at Santa Fe at this time, but not this year. Our opera trip will be to Seattle to take Claire (now 20) to see RIgoletto at Seattle Opera. I think that’s in about l0 days or so. summer destroys my sense of time and days, and hey, is it really August??? Carry on, Dear Bonnie. One of these days we will catch up with you and roger. love, ginny.

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