The Floors!

Our house is old for this part of the world…1849. It’s been moved twice, and the current fir floors probably date from the first move in 1893. Aaron and Boyd from Bear Ridge Designs didn’t think they’d ever been refinished. They were not worn to a lovely patina, they were just worn. It was time, approaching year 40 in this house for us.

so just in images, let me tell you what happened and then you can see.  Aaron and Boyd of Bear Ridge Design came and assessed, a bid was given and accepted..and then the work for everybody began.  We emptied shelves and gave away a lot of books, packed up stuff and moved the china.  JJ & C movers came and put all the furniture in the back of the house, the dining room table migrated to the kitchen, and Aaron and Boyd began the process….


So the first day was sanding and at the end of the second day they left us with a choice of finishes…

we chose to go with the lightest…”NATURAL” finish. 

then the hand sanding and the last coat of finish (4 of 4)…

And while all this was going on and every room was crammed with furniture

we took refuge on the deck…

But then JJ & C Movers came back and returned the furniture and we began to put the rooms back together, Corrine came and “detailed” the rooms…and things look very different as we await slipcovers, etc.

Kind of like playing house…


The dining room rug goes down this week…I kind of liked the rooms empty…on we go…not done yet.






    1. San it amazes me how much it changes the feel of the whole house…actually more in tune with us at this point, and I know you know about the divesting process…xo

  1. Wow, I have enjoyed following this saga on IG, and then the gifting of your lovely dishes to people who were ecstatic to receive a piece of you. I love the lightness and brightness of the finish you ultimately chose; it must feel amazing to have “lightened” your house in so many ways.

  2. Looks great and I love that little Empire style love seat. We just moved in to a 1902 Fairmount historic property with light wood floors. They do make a room look bigger. Thank you for sharing the adventure!

  3. Lovely Bonnie! The natural finish looks great with your paint colors. How long did the whole process take? It’s something I need to do and am dreading….

    1. Getting ready was the painful part, but floors or no we needed to sort and divest. They started on Monday and it took four days plus a morning.its a water-based finish with virtually no odor. The mover guys are piano movers and were adorable and nice. No rugs until this week and we’re only putting one back. It’s leading to a less formal look which we’re liking. Bite on the bullet Elaine!

  4. I’m catching up on my reading. I’m glad you chose the light. It adds a brightness to everything. I’m sure Sue Adele and Nellie Maude would approve:)

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