The Wizard Says Goodbye

This morning, while chatting with Mr. Little…

the Wizard got a message asking him to return home immediately. He spoke with Mr. Little about what items he would pack in the sky bag for his return trip…

The magic key…
His wand

The amulet, of course and his glasses, keys, the magic bolt …

They new egg was a must and of course Reardo and Lucy couldn’t be left behind…

And once his bag was packed the wizard would say goodbye to the friends in Trayville, the Pokemon crew…

Grabbing the magic cube…

he was off…leaving us without magic at all for many months. Safe journey Wizard…see you in the summer!

P.S…..I’ll finish the puzzle


  1. Aww! But how lucky can the wizard be to have a grandmother who fantasizes/plays with him and a grandfather who reads to him. Plus, let’s not forget, he goes back to paradise and the pool.

    1. No…he and I share a massive curiosity about everything and a constant imaginative state…partners in crime, if you will…and an interest in building a narrative maybe? When he goes outside it isn’t to play ball, it’s to fill every available plastic container with water and find things outside to “make potions.” (I’d still love him if he wanted to play ball, but …)

  2. Wonderful imagination! Thanks for sharing this special time with us bloggers🥰 That puzzle looks addictive rather like a good book ..just can’t leave it alone until it’s finished.

  3. Au revoir Mr. Wizard, such a delight you are! Can hardly wait till you magically appear again! xoxo

  4. Thanks for sharing that lovely “land” w/us………………& please share completed puzzle w/ us…it looks Gorgeous.., no hurry……..we’ll wait .and a Happy New Year to you and yours Nadine

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