A Sunny (but odd) Day

These days are odd aren’t they?  It’s so serious. It’s scary.  Will we get sick? Will you?  Yet in these days, these ahead-of-the-wave days, we’re treading water.

Will our toilet paper run out? Will our money run out? Hard to know anything at all.  This girl showed up in a message…and delighted us…

Zoom exercise class went on as usual…

Remember yesterday’s cake?

Well Jennifer and George showed up with a deli lunch today and we did a bit of singing with Fanny joining via Facetime (and NO, we did NOT blow out the candles and contaminate the cake).

I wandered the back garden

enjoyed the sunlight pouring in…

and moved to my entertainments…if you do instagram check @carsonellis who has lots of amusements for kids and grownups…this prompt was to do a selfie with a fancy frame and put your name at the bottom

and check #quarantineartclub.  And keep in touch.




  1. Bonnie,
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot express how much your post mean to me.
    The resurrection of the ranunculas flowers! The walks. The encouragement.
    You mean a great deal to a great many of us.

    1. Thanks Ellen…my birthday isn’t until Monday but Jennifer’s was last Monday…one candle for her, one for me. and we did sing and sing and sing…3 or 4 times. Sweet.

  2. You hit the thing that has eluded me, the waiting, I didn’t even know that that was what it was. Thanks, and keep up the beauty. Jo

  3. As always, your blogs make me ponder, inspire me and make me smile. I feel as if I have somehow got tangled up in a Net Flicks series and I don’t know the script or my part in it. Sitting in the sun this afternoon, I felt as if I was in some never ending spring vacation. This is a very strange time and I am staying home except to take a walk each day.

  4. It was a lovely day. I drove to Mt. Angel to visit my mother (while the doors are still open to visitors). Made a brave stop at Target (no toilette paper), then home to sit in the back garden and enjoy the warm. No neighbor dogs barking but the birds singing made it perfect…..so grateful to you for your posts, they bring hope and inspiration. And love of loveliness. xoxo

    1. Shirley I’m so glad you got to see your Mom…and as to toilet paper, no luck at Safeway this morning early…Luckily we still have some hidden in the sewing studio…my “earthquake” toilet paper. xxoo

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