Bulletin Board

No “topic” today…a walk around the house before heading into the neighborhood, wherein I am grateful I didn’t cut down the Euphorbias in the fall…


The Henk begonias are blooming…

I made barley flour muffins from a package I found in the freezer with some slightly-freezer-burned-frozen blueberries, and they’re good!

(I didn’t have buttermilk so I used a cup of milk and 1/3 cup yogurt)

zoom day with family and neighbors…

and…we have masks…









  1. Your masks gave me a chuckle!😍 I use Bobs products ,never tried barley though .. just might have to though as those muffins look very tempting!

    1. These are oddly good muffins…NOT sweet an caked…I almost think you could make the savory…I only have about a cup left and am going to mix it with some Bob’s cornbread mix…will let you know…😘

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