A Fond Farewell

My Aunty Pat died today.  My Mom’s sister, Pat was a daughter, sister, wife, Mom, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, businesswoman.  She was lively, lovely, a font of fun in my childhood, the embodiment of glamor, the giver of fantastic gifts.  18 months younger than my Mom and separated by many miles in the last quarter of their lives, they spoke often on the phone, had a similar life view, loved their kids and grands.   We send her off with love and memories.

Here’s my Mom on the left and Pat on the right…the girls grew up in Kansas City, Houston and Chicago.

Pat and her first husband John married after his graduation from University of Chicago

and the built a house in Clarendon Hills…a new post-war Chicago suburb in the 1950’s…

She was always a hands-on kind of person…

Pat on the left and my Mom on the right at Mom’s 85th birthday in 2008.

The end of an era, the last of the Stone women.  She was loved.


  1. So sorry to hear this. The two girls were beauties, and i can see that sense of style is a family tradition.

  2. Very sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was a wonderful person. I think the photo of her on the roof says so much.

  3. Wish I’d met your aunt, Bonnie. She sounds so lively and fun. Love the double meaning in your final comment, ‘the last of the Stone women’.

    All our love to you,

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