I actually do have a serious and informative post for later in the week, but I’ve been doing some summer things of late…it began with a seismic upgrade which meant cleaning the basement, this of a house we’ve lived in for 36 years…can you IMAGINE what a momentous photo this is?? …and artist Kathryn Cellerini […]


I LOVE Caesar salad.  When Lynne and I were starting the Arbor Cafe back in the early 1990’s we were kind of at the leading edge of the Caesar revival locally, and our first “original” cafe recipe was our own take on Caesar dressing.  But that was then and now is now and the NYTimes […]

Grilled Romaine

Sam Sifton in the NYTimes this week had an article on grilling and really, everything looked good…but I was especially intrigued with the grilled romaine…so we tried it.  YUM. Here’s the recipe: Dressing: 1 clove garlic 6 anchovy fillets, rinsed and minced (we had no achovies in the cupboard and so omitted this time, but […]


Well, I’m beginning to think Italian thoughts, as we get organized for our trip this spring.  The other day I felt the “Spring trajectory” cross the “Italian trajectory” in my head and…presto…RISOTTO!  Our totally terrific local fish store FITTS SEAFOOD makes wonderful broth…halibut, chicken, fish stock and shrimp broth.  They make the broth there at […]