The Corson Building

If you are looking for a memorable dinner in Seattle, off the beaten path, exquisite, attention to detail, carefully sourced food…I’ve got just the place…The Corson Building…(5609 Corson Avenue, S…Seattle) The building was at one time a family home and business that sold statuary, and is located in an industrial area south of Seattle, called […]


Well not exactly news actually, but news to me.  My friend Karen is an archivist of sorts…she saves, she bundles, she files…then she purges by sending off the myriad clippings and files she has saved to the people she knows are interested.  The other day this came in the mail… And she’s right…I love quonset […]

Garden Love…

There’s a moment in the spring garden where everything looks neat and tidy, beautiful, organized…and this week is it.  You know, just before it all gets wild and overgrown and crazy.   Bill was here to help us tidy up and it just looks beautiful to me today ( “Of course my baby is the […]

Old East Salem

A recent conversation I had with a friend about what Salem used to look like, sent me to my photo “archive” to take a look.  Here’s the building at 12th Street and Center Street today and here’s the old East School just before demolition in 1950 to make way for the Safeway… and going a […]